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If You LIve Outside The U.S.

OUT OF STOCK. Small parcel shipping is so costly that our service abroad is still very limited. But don't give up! Order our simple Build Your Own BIG Bubble Things instructions. It's just two pages with two bottles of BIG Bubble Mix to make 10.8 gallons of the world's biggest-bubbling, least-costly giant bubble juice. Be aware that you'll need Joy, Dawn, or Fairy dish soap (seen at right) to mix in. No other dish soap brands work at all, so make sure at least one is available in your area.

$49.95 (includes shipping)

This is the only item we retail outside the United States. But you might be able to order Bubble Things and BIG Bubble Mix from some of our resellers online. Just google Bubble Thing. You can google Joy, Dawn, or Fairy too.

International Distributors Wanted

Email David Stein ds@bubblething.com

Before you email us, please make sure that Joy, Dawn or Fairy dish soap (or a chemically identical liquid under another name) is distributed in your area. Inquire at your regional Procter and Gamble office, or consider buying from a distributor online. Our favorite liquid is orange antibacterial Ultra Joy in
30-ounce bottles as shown above.

Joy and Dawn are distributed in the USA and Canada. Fairy is available in much of western Europe; also in Australia and parts of Latin America and Asia. Where none of these soaps are widely distributed, they can still sometimes be found in scattered stores. Look for Dawn in marine supply shops. (Fishermen like it for washing their boats.) Look for Fairy in British or other European specialty stores. Joy and Dawn can be found at US military bases.

We can supply pallet-loads and container-loads. Specify quantity and ask for a quote.

David Stein

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