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Bernard Dekoven "Major Fun" (Indianapolis)  
Making big bubbles - and I mean really big bubbles - is at least as much a technology as it is an art. David Stein, inventor of The Bubble Thing, has created a really-big-bubble-blowing technology that works well enough for you to make really big bubbles now, and develop the art later.

His Bubble Thing has two components: a really-big-bubble-making wand, and a bottle of the mysterious "Bubble Mix." The really-big-bubble-making wand (a.k.a. "the Bubble Thing") is a very large open-and-closeable fabric loop on a tubular handle. You dip the closed loop in a bucket of soap suds, raise it, open it, wave it sideways and it makes really, really big bubbles. And then there's a bottle of bubble mix which, when added to water and dish soap, provides, shall we say, the "ultimate solution" for your really-big-bubble-blowing needs. Yes, it can get a bit messy and slimy and soapy. But even more yes, it will astonish you with your suddenly-acquired really-big-bubble-blowing powers.

The instructions even include, bless them, a game called the "Popping Game." You "win one point for popping little bubbles (smaller than a basketball)." But you lose five points when you pop a big bubble. Squirt-gun, frisbee- and finger-popping are all recommended. Ah, a bubble game. Surely there must be a myriad of such.

As a matter of no coincidence at all, bubble-maven Stein has teamed up with the editors at Klutz Press to produce a handy guide to really-big-bubble-making called How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles. The Bubble Wand you get with the book, Stein explains, is the same size, but improved somewhat (tighter endcaps, 20% heavier fabric) and includes a bottle of Big Bubble Mix which is enough to make almost 3 gallons of bubble solution.

It's most definitely an outdoor toy. It's most clearly designed to be used by people old enough to be sensitive to things like a shifting wind and the soap-in-the-eye potential, and young enough to want to make really, really big bubbles. And the fun, the fun, is like totally major.

Best Bubbles EVER!!!
Cyndy Smith

We purchased this bubble wand in 1989 for our daughter's 2nd birthday party. Once we figured out how to use it, it was the most fun and made HUGE awesome bubbles. Everyone LOVES bubbles!!! Our daughter will be 25 in June and we will be purchasing a new bubble wand to have huge bubbles at her birthday party again. Super easy bubble recipe too, dish soap, a little glycerin purchased from the pharmacy made a world of difference in the quality of bubbles too, they lasted longer and held together better and they were more "elastic"! We will be purchasing our 3rd bubble wand - one broke when it got stepped on and we lost one in a move. HAPPY BUBBLES!!!!! I would highly recommend this product to everyone!!

Great fun at birthday party. Bubble mix is key!

What can I say ... just plain fun. Good bubble mix is key to success. Very light wind is good. Kids had a blast.

Everyone Loves this "Toy"
Lenna (Mulino, OR United States)

My mom bought the Bubble Thing over 25 years ago. We still drag it out whenever we camp. It's great to watch the giant bubbles fly over the campground, hear the oohs and aahs, and also to share it with anyone interested in trying it out.

This is pretty good.

I'm the adult and can't stop playing with this. It's so much fun but be warned that it doesn't like a lot of wind.


Timberdoodle says...

Make Stunningly-Giant Bubbles Nothing infuses more energy into limp, humid family gatherings than the Bubble Thing. Bubbles have a mesmerizing effect on virtually every child and on many adults as well. And unlike people, bubbles thrive in muggy weather. Larger than the family van, these eye-popping bubbles are a snap to make with the Bubble Thing and the enclosed BIG Bubble Mix, a special powder additive.

The Real Thing Invented by a dad over twenty years ago, the Bubble Thing has been a source of entertainment at countless family gatherings, and it continues as a source of wonderment to each new generation. The featherweight capillary fabric, the sliding open-and-close control, and the easy swing of the handle all make Bubble Thing uniquely fun and versatile. Your children will soon be creating massive rainbow-hued bubbles, each floating through the air like undulating jellyfish. Gorgeous!

Can You Pop the Bubbles with Your Nose or Keep Them Aloft with Your Breath? We've also had great fun making bubbles-in-a-bubble, and challenging spectators to keep a bubble airborne with their breaths. And even the dullest reunion will explode with laughter when participants are only allowed to pop bubbles with their noses!

Includes Bubble Mix Package includes full instructions and FREE BIG Bubble Mix to make 2.7 GALLONS of bubble solution. (Just add water and dish soap.) Such pure, simple fun should be the hallmark of every family gathering. Yes, you can make bubbles without Bubble Mix, but if you live in a dry climate, you'll find it very helpful.

You Too Can Make Really Big Bubbles

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"A Thing of Wonder!"---CNN
"Colossal . . . Frantic . . . Hypnotizing"---The New Yorker
"Entertain a whole backyard of neighborhood children."
---The Washington Post

Reviews from Chinaberry

By Jeanne
We created awesome bubbles! THis toy was enjoyed by ages from 4 to 84 at our last family gathering. We did not make our own solution but had great success with the included instructions and bottle of bubble powder. Be aware that you will need Joy or Dawn dish soap to make it work.

AWESOME! Everyone loved this!

Our elementary school students were amazed at the size of the bubbles at our school field day.

Works exactly as advertised if instructions are followed.

If you want to impress everyone you know who likes bubbles, the Bubble Thing is a must buy item. IT makes the largest bubbles I have seen, and almost anyone can learn to use it very quickly.

I used to have a Bubble Thing a while back and would do this with my it’s time to make humungous bubbles with my granddaughter. I was happy to find the product again.

Soooooo much fun! This really works as seen and stated. I would suggest buying a stick for each child and mom, as it’s REALLY hard to wait your turn!!!!

These bubbles exceeded my expectations! We bought them for a children’s event at our Harvest Festival and they were a big hit both with children and adults. WE had 15 to 20 foot bubbles and some even floated up in the sky until you couldn’t see them with the naked eye any more. You won’t be disappointed with this product. The bubbles are everything they say it is...I will be buying these again for our next event!

Amazing fun. Easy to use. Must have bubble fun with kids or adults.

foggy fun
We summer on an island in Maine. The fact that this works well in humid weather is wonderful! Both children and adults loved to play with it.

Illene Douglas
Just amazing. What a great time my gardnchildren and the dog had chasing the bubbles. I even purchased one for my husband and me so we can do bubbles.

WS in New Orleans
Great product and great bubbles!

JM, via email
We are having so much fun with the Bubble Thing that we are ordering another.

SR, via email
I had one as a young adult -- great fun. Now buying one for my little granddaughter.

The bubbles we got with this simple device were just amazing, as much fun for the adults as the kids. Can’t wait to take t to the beach and try it there.

Had one of these when my kids were small - now getting one for grandkids!!! Wonderfull at the beach.

What fun for the kids and grownups!

I have been looking for this item for years. My 30-year-old son received one of these when he was four and after using it for years, I took it to school for my kindergarten students to use. I bought more for fellow kindergarten teachers and friends’ children. It is something that every child loves.

The bubble thing is a great crowd-pleaser. The children and adults loved the big, huge bubbles. A great item for children and adults. I think adults like it the most, makes them feel young again. I would recommend this bubble thing to any one for fun and entertainment.

My 4 year old says, “This was really fun!!” And I agree. I don’t know who enjoyed it more! It really made giant bubbles and as we made them in the front yard, people driving by were stopping and gawking. Watch the big ones break into smaller ones and also see the beautiful rainbows appear in the bubbles in the sunlight.Also watching it morph into shapes was just cool.

You MUST use the dish soap recommended as I tries a generic brand and it did not work. I mixed up another batch with Dawn and measured everything correctly and it made a large bucketful of mix that lasted for quite a while. We did some one day, I saved it in the bucket and it worked great again the next day as well. I will definitely be buying some of these to give out as gifts for all the 4 year old birthday parties we will be going to this year! ___________________________

ThinkGeek says...

Giant bubbles, double rainbows, miracles
The world looks beautiful, the world looks so damn beautiful. And it's because of fantastic bubbles. Bubbles and the miracle of the double rainbow. One thing you might not realize about bubbles is that the soap in bubble solution actually decreases water's surface tension. Soap stabilizes bubbles, helping to selectively strengthen the weakest parts of the bubble and lengthen its life. This is called the Marangoni effect, which sounds like the name of a delicious Italian dish, perhaps involving pancetta.
The Big Bubble Thing is the original invention that won the World's Biggest Bubble award in the 1988 Guinness Book of World Records. It's a deviously simple device: a fabric loop attached to a wand, but it makes miracles. And by miracles, we mean giant bubbles. And by giant we mean, 30-50 feet long. Blowing bubbles is an awesome outdoor activity for those times you need to kick the geeklings out of the house to get some fresh air and Vitamin D. Ooh, and if you live somewhere really really cold (5 F or lower), you can send us pictures of your ginormous FROZEN bubbles. It doesn't get quite that cold here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ.