Bubble Thing is carbon neutral. In 2008, we started donating to plant trees (257,361 trees so far) through Trees For The Future (TFTF). It's an agroforestry non-profit founded in 1989 by Peace Corps veterans. They've planted over 155,000,000 trees with village volunteers in India and 19 other tropical countries. The trees are removing millions of tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere while helping the villages survive. As a carbon offset program, this is radically cost-effective, and we encourage everyone to donate. See Trees For The Future field photos on Flickr. Give trees at trees.org. Thanks!

---David Stein, inventor of the Bubble Thing


Grown trees, India

In April, 2013, we began a small fundraising effort to help our town of Woodstock, New York, go carbon neutral. By planting trees through TFTF, our town government can stay carbon neutral for the surprisingly small amount of $190.00 per year. We easily raise this in small change with one simple Give Trees collection jar on the checkout counter of a local market. It's so easy that any town can do it. See Carbon Neutral Woodstock on Facebook.
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Bubbles and Trees
For every Bubble Thing or BIG Bubbles book you buy, we plant a tree through Trees for the Future.

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