Bubble Thing Today

As of 2013, the giant bubble sport which the Bubble Thing created is now entertaining people world-wide. Some performers are creating bubbles comparable to McKay's, and there is constant effort to improve design of equipment and soap solutions.

To be continued...
Inventing the Bubble Thing

We invented the Bubble Thing in 1984 in Vinalhaven, Maine.
Learn more. In 1986, we used a Bubble Thing Deluxe to set the first Guinness Record for soap bubbles---with a bubble 50-feet long. The Bubble Thing started the giant bubble sport of today, and its opening-and-closing fabric loop has held the world bubble record ever since. In 2008, we took our Bubble Thing business carbon neutral by planting trees through Trees For The Future. We encourage every person and every business to help against climate change. Learn more. ---DS